Getting the best out of Twitter

Most people think of Twitter as a distant second when it comes to social media accounts - these tips should hopefully give you some help in making it an effective channel too!

1. Target Influencers

There will be other individuals and groups on Twitter who are interested in your messages - so make sure to tag them in it! This allows you to make it into a conversation - which performs a lot better on Twitter!

2. Use (relevant) hashtags -

Seems like a no-brainer, but this helps people who may not already be looking at your content to find it easier. If your post is linked to a national campaign or existing hashtag - make sure to use it! We'll be putting together a list of standard NUSU ones too for anyone to access.

3. Setup Lists

Twitter lists are a great way to group interest groups, or just those you want to check in on or tag in your statuses. It's a great way to build up regular interactions with people, as well as broadening your network.

4. Use images

This goes for every social network and Twitter is no exception. Research suggest on average that Tweets with images or videos generate 313% more engagement than those without. The same rules apply as elsewhere - make sure the image is fun, engaging and relevant to your audience, not just a sales pitch!

5. Listen

Social listening is relevant on all channels - however people are likely to Tweet you with questions and feedback, which is public to your followers. By making sure you reply and foster this conversation, people will see you as responsive and are significantly more likely to engage with your messages as well as your services.

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