Facebook Tips and Tricks

Want to get the most out of your Facebook page? Competition is getting tighter with more users and content appearing on the platform every day. The stay noticed, you're going to need to set yourself above the rest. Need some pointers to get started? Then look no further than our top tips below!

1. Quality over quantity

As of March 2018 there are on average 317,000 status updates and 54,000 links shared on Facebook every 60 seconds! To stand out from the crowd you're going to need to publish interesting, engaging content rather than going for sheer volume. Our new social media toolkits will enable you to do this with ease!

2. Mix up your messages

Students are savvy to social media, and will be well aware of strategies people follow to push their products. When looking at what you are publishing, it's worth bearing in mind the 80:20 rule - where 20% of your content is sales, promotional material etc. and the rest is fun, engaging and relevant content to students, which will encourage them to interact more with your content. As people engage more with your 80% of non-sales material, you'll see the impact on your promotional areas too as they build loyalty to your page.

3. Go Live

We've done quite a lot of work across the organisation with live video so far, but there's still potential to do a lot more. Launching a new project? Announce it live! Got an important message for students? Tell them live! It's really easy to do this from your phone if you're out and about! If you're looking for something more professional or high quality, marketing can help setup a full broadcast system!

4. Tag others in!

Got a great keynote speaker at your event, or working with an external company? Make sure to tag their account in your post to notice a quick improvement on your organic reach! Make sure to check the account is right (generally looking for a blue tick to show they're verified) as there can be a lot of duplicate pages out there. Don't go over the top though and tag a long list of names - it just looks like spam! Try and work the tag into your copy too as best you can.

5. Make the most of messages

All pages have the ability to receive messages from those following them and it's a growing way students get in touch with us asking about our events and services. If you keep up a high response rate in a short period of time, this will be displayed on your page and is a positive sign of how customer-focused your page is. You can set yourself away too, so you don't need to be monitoring around the clock! Which leads us on to...

6. Instant replies

Struggling to get back to everyone quickly, or getting a lot of queries out of hours? Instant replies allows you to input a message that is sent back when you receive a message - think your out of office replies on your email!

7. Share student content

Nothing tops our engagement rates than photos, videos or blogs either created by or featuring our students. Make sure to be collecting photos and testimonials from your events, campaigns and activities and your next lot of promotion will take care of itself!

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